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AaNeelCare®’s unique features deliver population health management solutions that aid ACOs to optimize quality and reduce the overall cost of care. We provide a more collective, patient-oriented health care stressing the importance of outcomes.

AaNeelCare® - Core

AaNeelCare® core is the core layer of the enterprise suite that enables the end users to interact with the system. It is the main binding layer of all the products and comprises of the following sections like Dashboard, Membership Demographics, Member Eligibility, Communication module, Reporting, Alerts & Notifications and role based administration.

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AaNeelCare® - QM

QM - Quality Management comprises of HEDIS, 5 star rating & PQRS. QM Module caters towards making sure that the quality of practice and services rendered are to the highest level of satisfaction, while reporting the quality measures as and when required.

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AaNeelCare® - UM

The aim of the Utilization Management (UM) is to ensure delivery of appropriate and quality health care to the members. This mainly deals with the Authorization and referral system this in turn makes it easy to do Specialist Referrals, Hospital tracking and also viewing of the referral status from a central platform.

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AaNeelCare® - CM

AaNeelCare® – CM comprises of Case Management, Disease management & Health Risk Assessment improves the communication efficacy and transitions of care and thereby increases the revenue.

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AaNeelCare® - ACO

Our ACO Reporting tool offers an interactive approach for Accountable Care Organizations to record and refine quality keeping in line with the ACO 33 quality measures provided by the CMS. The module enables ACOs to measure and improve performance across patient/caregiver experience, care coordination/patient safety, preventive care and at-risk populations.

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A Unique way to search a patient without the hassles of asking questions to the patient and still securely but surely identifying a patient just with a tap. HealthAccessCard® is a revolutionary step of eradicating the errors and wastage of time for interacting with patient information.

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Patient Portal

Patient Portal is an integral part of keeping the patient informed, this allows us also to keep in touch with the our patient through live chat, and also allowing automated system notification like medication, appointments, and other alerts. The patient portal is really a portal where the patient gets to see live information as the information is updated in the system this creates a transparency with the patients and improves the trust factor.

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Centinics is the brain child of AaNeel Infotech that deals mainly with EDI. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a standard format for exchanging business data.

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