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AaNeelCare® – MTM

AaNeelCare® MTM is built on the basic elements of MTM and how medications can be managed effectively for the patient and plans. Our module involves patient, prescriber, and pharmacist and helps in collecting patient’s medical and pharmacy data that is required for a quality documentable MTM.

AaNeelCare® – MTM

MTM is a patient-centric and comprehensive approach to improve medication use, reduce the risk of adverse events, and improve medication adherence. Therefore, the programs include high-touch interventions to engage the beneficiary and their prescribers.

In general, each program includes prescriber interventions to promote coordinated care, an interactive comprehensive medication review and discussion with the beneficiary to assess their medication therapies which results in the creation of a written summary in CMS’ standardized format, and frequent monitoring and follow-up of the beneficiary’s medication therapies.

Our MTM tool has the intelligence to identify all the targeted beneficiaries and auto enroll them in this program. At the backend, we have the option of setting the targeting frequency to daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, options and able to run the report whenever required. This can be configured from the admin site.

We at AaNeel care have examined the whole MTM cycle to understand the intricacies involved in the operations and have built our MTM tool.

The targeted beneficiaries’ criterion is ALL the following:

1. Multiple Chronic Diseases
2. Multiple Covered Part D Drugs
3. Incurred Cost for Covered Part D Drugs

There is an option to Opt out only that can be done based on the Patient’s choice.

We try to reach all eligible targeted beneficiaries to offer MTM services by Mail Outreach, Telephonic outreach, etc and this is linked up with the Communication module.

Once eligible beneficiaries are identified, a welcome letter is sent that they have been enrolled in the program. The notification is mailed to members and provides the process to receive a Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR). All eligible members receive a welcome letter with a description of the program, offer for a comprehensive medication review, and contact information. The non-responders will be called and offered a CMR telephonically.
Beneficiaries once identified as eligible and enrolled, remain in the program until the end of the year even if they may not meet one of the aforementioned eligibility criteria as the year progresses. Beneficiaries have the option to disenroll from the program at any given time of the program period.

Within 10 working days of mailing of the eligibility letter, we initiate up to three telephone outreach attempts to contact each “first time” MTM eligible member to verify member’s desire to participate in a comprehensive medication review or to document the reason for an “opt out”.

Each MTM eligible member who has verified participation will be contacted by telephone to schedule an appointment for comprehensive medication review encounter with a practitioner.

Our MTM tool tracks all opt-outs and record the stated reasons. MTM eligible members may request disenrollment from the comprehensive MTM service at any time, for any reason. At client’s request, we mail an “opt out” notice to such members.


AaNeelCare® is very as customized and individualized. They analyze and assess our needs before presenting us with the required modules for our setting. Depending on for what healthcare environment do you need this technology, whether it is a physician office using only EMR or a hospital, and then they customize the product to those needs. They also scale the requirements as per our demands as we grow. AaNeelCare® provided us with all the things we were looking for. They had the modules, they had the integration, they had the right technology, and they were the kind of company we liked working with. Their customer support is awesome.

AaNeelCare® is very user friendly. You are able to move from one screen to another quickly. There is no much clicking required as in other EHRs , we’ve worked with.

The functionality of this product is excellent. It provides efficiency and is user friendly. It is well-designed to capture the modern technology we use today.

This software is user-friendly enough for each person in your office, even for the not so computer savvy users! Most of the modules are simple and easy to use, all the icons are simple to navigate and make life easier.

AaNeelCare® has been absolutely a pleasure to work with. We could not have moved as quickly as we have without AaNeelCare®’s constant support and monitoring of our progress as we implemented this product.

I'd highly recommend AaNeelCare® to Physicians and hospitals for this allows complete and precise maintenance of patient records, saving lots of time and money. The software not only helps in management but also in improving the quality of medical practices and processes as it reduces manual errors.

Thank you all, for an absolutely fantastic product that meets all our needs under one roof that is so incredibly logical and user friendly. I’m so happy that there is something out there that actually works, even when compared to big names in the market. If all my fingers were thumbs I would give 10 thumbs up!