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AaNeelCare® – Core

AaNeelCare® core is the core layer of the enterprise suite that enables the end users to interact with the system. It is the main binding layer of all the products and comprises of the following sections like Dashboard, Membership Demographics, Member Eligibility, Communication module, Reporting, Alerts & Notifications and role based administration.

AaNeelCare® – Core

AaNeelCare core is a main product that can be used as a stand-alone product or can be used along with the other products. It is the main nerve of all the products and comprises of the following sections that makes this product a core product. The sections are

The dashboard in AaNeelCare® is a single screen that is easy to read, offering real-time user interface, showing a graphical or pictorial representation of all the current happenings and past events of any modules/ products key performance indicators where one can comprehend all the information at a glance." It shows the key performance indicators related to the module/product that is in the dashboard. For eg., In a membership dash, it shows the total number of patients admitted, number of patients discharged, number of patients in the Inpatient setting, number of patient in the Outpatient, etc. Just by looking at the dashboard, all the information regarding the module can be easily viewed. The main idea of the dashboard is to give you a place where you can get an at-a-glance overview of what’s happening in your modules/products and provides users with quick access to information or common tasks. Benefits of using our dashboard include but not limited to the following:
• Graphical presentation of the measures
• Ability to Measure negative and positive aspects
• Saves time as everything can be viewed in a single screen
• Can have dashboards for multiple products in a single screen
Member management is an important module of any effective EMR as managing the patients is the backbone of all the associated modules. This module handles everything that involves in managing a member like adding a new member in the application, checking the eligibility, generating reports, etc. Our Member management module helps to attain valuable metrics on the patients; for e.g., one can view active patients, inactive patients, etc. To keep things organized and simple, this module is segregated into sub modules as:
Member List
This sub module will show all the members that are in the application currently. We can add, edit or delete any member details such as personal details, Advance directives, Additional contacts and Pharmacy details from here.
In this section, the user can work on the Pinned patient’s details such as personal details, Advance directives, Additional contacts and Pharmacy details.
This section facilitates the user in recording the Patient’s eligibility with the Insurance and the Physician.
This section will aid the user in generating reports as per the required criteria.
I. Demographics
II. Eligibility
III. Contacts
This section contains all the emergency contact details related to the patient. This can be more than one contact and has details like Name of the contact, relationship, contact number, etc.
All Communications, either verbally or in written form, made between the patient and any of the staff of the healthcare team should be documented in the system. This should be done in order to keep track of all the exchange of information made to and from the patient with the healthcare providers.

Communication module in AaNeel care ensures timely and appropriate generation, collection, distribution, storage, retrieval, and archiving of all communications made. The module is designed in such a way that it compasses all the modes of communication made. Modes of communication would include Telephonic, Mail & emails. The telephone is used to schedule appointments, remind patients about upcoming appointments, relay lab results, and handle prescription renewal requests. There are also other types of administrative phone calls made by the practice to insurance companies, pharmacies, hospitals, and others.

Online communications between healthcare clinicians and patients are conducted over a secure network, with provisions for privacy and security, in accordance with HIPAA.

All communications made contain details as the date and time the message was sent, contents of the discussion, details of advice given, Sender’s name, recipient’s name, attempt number, author’s initials, etc. All the Communications are printable and also have the ability to be stored as a document and retrieved whenever required.

All mails that are sent, such as Welcome letter for any program, Reminder mail for appointment or appointment rescheduled would be documented in the system. All the mails or emails are template oriented, which means that they can be altered as per the requirement and each time the mail or email need not be typed, thus saving much time. All the Letter Templates have the following options - View, Edit, Customize (addition of notes).
The reporting system is user friendly and can be generated as per the requirement.
Alerts, Notification, Tasks to do
An alert contains user-requested content such as a Task to do/ reminder (important), a notification (urgent), and ultimately an alert (important and urgent). These 3 functions are clearly distinguished in AaNeelCare® product.

Notifications are the ones that need attention. This is “FYI” function. This can be either for an individual person or for a group of persons. There is an option for expiration of the notification and this can be set from the backend.

Tasks to do list can be either set by the user or by the system. These to do list are date oriented. These tasks that are set will turn into alert when it nears the threshold date.

Alerting makes it possible for people to keep up with the information that matters most to them.You can set up alerts when some action has occurred with your task to do or system set task. These open up only when the action to be done comes close to the deadline and the threshold can be set for all the alerts. Only the number of alerts will be seen and when the number is clicked, it would open up the list of the alerts. When dealing with a particular patient/ when the person is working on a particular patient, the alerts will be for the patient. There is also a dashboard that contains Alerts for all the patients/ patient groups.
This section consists of all the master tables for Insurance, Physicians, etc.
a. Configuration
All configurations related to the users, templates, etc. can be done from this section.
b. Users
This section is where the users profile can be added, edited or deleted.
c. Role Management
Roles can be assigned to each user according to the user type.
d. Templates
Template is a file that is pre-formatted in some way for each section or a questionnaire that can be tailored according to the client’s requirement.


AaNeelCare® is very as customized and individualized. They analyze and assess our needs before presenting us with the required modules for our setting. Depending on for what healthcare environment do you need this technology, whether it is a physician office using only EMR or a hospital, and then they customize the product to those needs. They also scale the requirements as per our demands as we grow. AaNeelCare® provided us with all the things we were looking for. They had the modules, they had the integration, they had the right technology, and they were the kind of company we liked working with. Their customer support is awesome.

AaNeelCare® is very user friendly. You are able to move from one screen to another quickly. There is no much clicking required as in other EHRs , we’ve worked with.

The functionality of this product is excellent. It provides efficiency and is user friendly. It is well-designed to capture the modern technology we use today.

This software is user-friendly enough for each person in your office, even for the not so computer savvy users! Most of the modules are simple and easy to use, all the icons are simple to navigate and make life easier.

AaNeelCare® has been absolutely a pleasure to work with. We could not have moved as quickly as we have without AaNeelCare®’s constant support and monitoring of our progress as we implemented this product.

I'd highly recommend AaNeelCare® to Physicians and hospitals for this allows complete and precise maintenance of patient records, saving lots of time and money. The software not only helps in management but also in improving the quality of medical practices and processes as it reduces manual errors.

Thank you all, for an absolutely fantastic product that meets all our needs under one roof that is so incredibly logical and user friendly. I’m so happy that there is something out there that actually works, even when compared to big names in the market. If all my fingers were thumbs I would give 10 thumbs up!