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AaNeelCare® – CM

AaNeelCare® – CM comprises of Case Management, Disease management & Health Risk Assessment improves the communication efficacy and transitions of care and thereby increases the revenue.

AaNeelCare® – CM

AaNeelCare – CM comprises of Case Management, Disease management, Health Risk Assessment and customized Care Plans improves the communication efficacy and transitions of care and thereby increases the revenue.

Case Management
Case Management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive health needs through communication and available resources to promote quality cost effective outcomes.

It is a method of managing the provision of health care to members with high-cost medical conditions and the ultimate goal is to coordinate the care so as to both improve continuity and quality of care and lower costs.

Case Management module in AaNeel care has all the entities required in assessing, planning and facilitating care coordination to the patient in an effective way.

The essence of case management is to identify patients with potentially catastrophic illnesses, contacting them and actively coordinating their care and thereby reducing expenses and improving the medical care they receive.

Case management is aimed at delivering customized services to patients to improve their care and involves the following four steps and our case management module is equipped for the same:

1) Identification of patients for Case management - Focus on patients with complex combinations of medical problems that put them at high risk of adverse medical events

2) Planning & delivery of care - require interventions tailored to their specific needs; the conditions may or may not be chronic

3) Evaluation of results for each patient & adjustment of the care plan - Rely on professionals to provide assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy to meet comprehensive health needs.

4) Evaluation of overall program effectiveness & adjustment of the program

Our case management module has the following features:
• Case management identification process, e.g. HRA, Clinical HRA, etc.
• Facilitate the use of multidisciplinary care teams including registered nurses, social workers, behavioral health specialists, local community educators/community health workers, etc.
• Document outbound phone calls or face-to-face meetings or any communications between the member and care team
• Medical records review – All the records that are required to be reviewed as part of the case management like, Problems, Medications, Allergies, Labs, Procedures, Specialty consultation, Hospitalization & Ambulatory Surgical Center can be found here.
• Create care plans that are time bound, based on agreed upon goals. This care plan contains details such as Risks/ Barriers, Short term goals, Long term goals, Interventions, Rationale, Outcome, Evaluation, etc.
• Follow up/ Review the case – The case is reviewed within the stipulated time.
• Clinical Review – This consists of the 3 questionnaires (Social, Clinical & Psychological)
• Case management assessment process
• Patient and provider satisfaction
• Templates – There are templates for all the questionnaires that can be customized by the client.
• Questionnaires – The questionnaires are designed in such a way that depending on the weightage of the question and the answer, the final scoring can be done. The risk status of the patient would auto populate based on this scoring but it is always left to the discretion of the case manager to decide the risk status of the patient.
Disease Management
Disease Management is an integrated care approach to managing illness which includes screenings, check-ups, monitoring and coordinating treatment, and patient education. It is aimed at improving the quality of life while reducing health care costs if someone has a chronic disease by preventing or minimizing the effects of a disease.

Illnesses that are included in disease management includes but not limited to: coronary heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), kidney failure, hypertension, heart failure, obesity, diabetes mellitus, asthma, cancer, arthritis, clinical depression, sleep apnea, osteoporosis, and other common diseases.

AaNeelCare® helps the user in using the disease management tool in a fruitful way.

Disease management has developed from managed care, specialty capitation, and health service demand management, and refers to the operations and staff who improve or maintain health in large populations. It is concerned with common chronic illnesses, and the reduction of future complications associated with those diseases.

Components of our disease management module include:

1. Population identification processes
Programs designed to target individuals with specific diseases
Chronic and costly conditions
2. Collaborative practice involvement
Multidisciplinary teams that may include physicians, pharmacists, nurses, dieticians and psychologists
3. Risk identification and appropriate interventions needed
4. Patient self-management education
Self-management may include behavior modification, support groups and primary prevention
5. Process and outcomes measurement and evaluation
A method for the measurement of outcomes may include heath care service use, expenditures and patient satisfaction
6. Tracking and monitoring system
Routine reporting and feedback loops that include patients and providers
Health risk assessment (HRA)
A health risk assessment (HRA) is a health questionnaire, used to provide individuals with an evaluation of their health risks and quality of life. It is a systematic approach to collecting information from individuals that identifies risk factors, provides individualized feedback, and links the person with at least one intervention to promote health, sustain function and/or prevent disease.

The HRA module in AaNeelCare® is designed to capture information relating to:

• Demographic characteristics – age, sex
• Lifestyle – exercise, smoking, alcohol intake, diet
• Personal and family medical history
• Physiological data – weight, height, blood pressure, cholesterol
• Attitudes and willingness to change behavior in order to improve health

Our HRA module aims at:

• Assessing patient’s health status
• Estimating the level of health risk

Once an individual completes a HRA, they usually receive a report, the delivery of HRAs include telephone, mail and face-to-face.

With our HRA module, the benefits are as follows:

• Provide patients with a snapshot of their current health status.
• Enable individuals to monitor their health status over time.
• Provide patients with concrete information thus preparing them for lifestyle change.
• Help individuals get involved with health coaching.
• Provide important information concerning patients' readiness to change.
• Engage patients in the health management process.

The HRA questionnaire in our module is template oriented and can be tailored according to the needs of the health care environment.


AaNeelCare® is very as customized and individualized. They analyze and assess our needs before presenting us with the required modules for our setting. Depending on for what healthcare environment do you need this technology, whether it is a physician office using only EMR or a hospital, and then they customize the product to those needs. They also scale the requirements as per our demands as we grow. AaNeelCare® provided us with all the things we were looking for. They had the modules, they had the integration, they had the right technology, and they were the kind of company we liked working with. Their customer support is awesome.

AaNeelCare® is very user friendly. You are able to move from one screen to another quickly. There is no much clicking required as in other EHRs , we’ve worked with.

The functionality of this product is excellent. It provides efficiency and is user friendly. It is well-designed to capture the modern technology we use today.

This software is user-friendly enough for each person in your office, even for the not so computer savvy users! Most of the modules are simple and easy to use, all the icons are simple to navigate and make life easier.

AaNeelCare® has been absolutely a pleasure to work with. We could not have moved as quickly as we have without AaNeelCare®’s constant support and monitoring of our progress as we implemented this product.

I'd highly recommend AaNeelCare® to Physicians and hospitals for this allows complete and precise maintenance of patient records, saving lots of time and money. The software not only helps in management but also in improving the quality of medical practices and processes as it reduces manual errors.

Thank you all, for an absolutely fantastic product that meets all our needs under one roof that is so incredibly logical and user friendly. I’m so happy that there is something out there that actually works, even when compared to big names in the market. If all my fingers were thumbs I would give 10 thumbs up!